IACC - Amazon Program

In April 2018, the IACC and Amazon signed an MoU to enhance collaboration and anti-counterfeiting efforts between Amazon, the IACC, and IACC members. The IACC-Amazon Pilot Program was developed to further those goals. Launched in July 2018, the Program offers a streamlined path to escalate and resolve IP infringement reporting issues, increase engagement, and provide feedback on Amazon’s notice process.

Our participants are able to easily and effectively address points of frustration, while providing Amazon with the information it needs to develop scalable solutions.

In January 2019, the pilot was transitioned into a full program which builds upon the current model by adding more points of collaboration, facilitating further improvements in Amazon’s overall reporting process, sharing notice submission best practices , and supporting Amazon’s engagement with rights-holders for the purpose of strengthening its automated/proactive tools.

The Program is open to IACC rights-holder members on a first-come, first serve basis. Please direct interest and inquiries to amazonprogram@iacc.org

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