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At Brutzkus Gubner, our attorneys devise thorough and cost-effective courses of action to enhance and protect our clients' valuable intellectual property. We have comprehensive experience negotiating license, distribution and manufacturing agreements; handling domestic trademark, service mark and copyright clearances and registrations; and obtaining global protection for our clients’ IP worldwide. We also help our clients develop strong, lasting domain name portfolios and take necessary action to resolve domain name disputes and otherwise protect their valuable rights online. We aggressively enforce and zealously defend our clients’ rights when claims for infringement and other intellectual property violations arise. Our attorneys are experienced in litigating claims for copyright and trademark infringement, counterfeiting, piracy, dilution, unfair competition, false advertising and related causes of action under federal and state law. In every instance, we guide our clients to appropriate and practical legal and business resolutions. Our attorneys practice before the United States Patent and Trademark Office, the United States Copyright Office, related administrative forums and in federal and state courts. Under our close management, our network of entrusted associated counsel represents our clients in foreign jurisdictions around the world.

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