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Product security and anti-counterfeiting technology solutions


China, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, korea, Spain, United Kingdom, United States

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Erin Martin
+39 366 443 8010
Via Enrico Tazzoli, 6- 20156 Milan – Italy


Asia Pacific, North America, Latin America, European Union, Europe (non-EU countries), Central Asia, Africa, Middle East


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Company Description

CERTILOGO is the global leader in digital product authentication and consumer engagement for the fashion and luxury industries, trusted by 80+ brands and 1 user every 13 seconds in more than 180 countries. Products tagged with unique identifiers in UHF RFID, NFC, QR and alphanumeric formats are verified with advanced artificial intelligence at Counterfeits and clones are unmasked instantly, protecting loyal brand consumers and ensuring data integrity for products tracked in private databases and distributed Blockchain ledgers. Winner of the 2018 AI Achievement Award for, "Best Use of Artificial Intelligence in Fashion."

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