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Company Description

CERTILOGO is the world leader in protecting brands and consumers from the global scourge of counterfeiting. An innovative People-Powered Product Authentication Platform empowers consumers to verify product authenticity before or after purchase in stores and on the web. Consumers receive immediate verification if a product is authentic. Brand partners receive real-time data about where their products—or the fakes—are being sold, plus valuable marketing data about customers who value authentic goods.

This smart and simple solution is based on a collaborative, “crowdsourcing” approach to product authentication, uniting consumers, brands, retailers, and regulators to fight against counterfeits. Only CERTILOGO puts the power to authenticate directly in the hands of consumers, allowing brands to simultaneously expose fakes, monitor the movements of legitimate products, and strengthen connections with loyal customers.

It works like this: Leading brands mark each item they produce with a unique Certilogo Code. Consumers scan the code into the Certilogo Authenticator app using their Apple or Android smartphone or any QR code reader, or insert the code manually at certilogo.com They specify their location and confirm an image of the item they want to authenticate. In seconds, The Authenticator crunches the data and reports back if the item is authentic. It’s that simple.

Behind that simplicity is a sophisticated data interface that makes the Certilogo platform both unique and uniquely powerful in the fight against counterfeits. As with more traditional authentication systems, products from a Certilogo partner that do not have a Certilogo Code are guaranteed to be fake. But unlike with older systems, a counterfeiter cannot copy or clone a Certilogo Code and use it to pass off fake products as real. That’s because any fake, duplicated or simulated code, when scanned, will be automatically detected by proprietary artificial intelligence modules in The Authenticator. 

More than two million consumers have already used the Certilogo Authenticator to ensure the products they buy have all of the design, artistry, and quality of an authentic branded item. Just as important, a Certilogo authentication gives them confidence that the money they spend is supporting designers and brands they believe in—and not unwittingly funding environmental degradation, unsafe factories, or organized crime.

For Brands, product authentication by consumers prevents counterfeiters from hijacking revenue, and has the added benefit of allowing products to be “inspected” by any interested party, anywhere on the globe, at any hour. Digital, item-level tracking lifts the veil on the most complicated global supply chains and distribution systems, giving managers unprecedented information about the movement of resources—including efforts to divert those resources into parallel markets.

Consumers who join the Certilogo Community to support authentic products are more motivated, more loyal, and more visible than a typical consumer. The Certilogo Product Protection Platform opens a direct communication channel with a consumer on the cusp of a sale. Innovative brands can leverage that connection to reward repeat customers, introduce loyal customers to higher-value products, or deliver targeted promotions that convert browsers into buyers. By working together, everyone wins.

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Smartphone-based anti-counterfeit technology for digital product authentication by brand agents, customs, law enforcement and the end consumer. Optional modules for track and trace, supplier compliance, grey market monitoring, customer relationship management, mobile marketing activations, and consumer engagement.

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