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CIBR – Central de Inteligencia do Brasil

Services Provided

Legal, Investigative


Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Panama, Paraguay, United States, Uruguay

Contact Information

Alexandre Carvalho
Rua Afonso Braz, 900 17th floor, São Paulo, Brazil - 04511-001

Renato Carvalho
Rua Afonso Braz, 900 17th floor, São Paulo, Brazil - 04511-001


North America, Latin America


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Company Description

The CIBR - Central de Inteligencia do Brasil is a company fully dedicated to consulting services on Risks Analysis and Management. Created more than one decade ago with specialized professionals from different areas of knowledge it was able to expand the services all over Brazil and internationally. Operating in different business industries we provide a wide a range of services to support the clients on the prevention and combat of threats, risks control, assets and business protection, always taking into careful consideration the peculiarities of each client and distinct sectors. CIBR is a proactive company on the search for the best solutions to our clients with results of better value, competitive fees and excellence on services quality. Is pioneer on the protection of Trademarks, Brands and Patents in Brazil as well as on general Intellectual Property Rights with strong actions on specific Programs created and develop accordingly to the client’s needs. It is accumulating recognition for achieved results in technical fraud investigations, financial fraud and corporate and competitive intelligence being able to develop skills to gather the necessary knowledge and client’s comprehension in the marketplace, providing adequate strategic definitions and the effective implementation of the activities for the intended results. We also have extensive experience in various industries such as manufacturing, financial services, agribusiness, trade, public associations, federations and similar sports and culture.

Additional Information

We provide a wide range of services such as but not limited to Intelligence and Investigations, Financial Consulting, Security Consulting, Researches and Training as well as different and adequate solutions such as Denounce Channel, Investigations on Received Denounces, Technical Analysis, Distributors and Resellers Audits, Products Security Features Consulting, Market Research and Legal Consulting.

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