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Catherine Law
Poly World Trade Center, #1022 Xingang East Road, Haizhu District, Guangzhou, China


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Company Description

 Combining the strength of investigation company and law firm
 Located in the largest counterfeit distribution center—Guangzhou;
 With business majorly covering in the South China, where is inundated with counterfeits;
 Near Hongkong and is convenient to meet with clients;
 Having agented over 30 worldwide famous brands and enjoys reputation among clients;
 Providing customer-tailored service.

Our Services:

Anti-counterfeiting (investigation and enforcement)
 Experienced in investigation, especially the investigation into online targets;
 With sound mechanism of investigation and IPR protection in most areas in China;
 On good terms with various enforcement authorities, including AIC, PSB, and Customs, etc;
 Combination of various ways to protect IPR;
 Expert at using investigation skills and enforcement result to serve the purpose of legal actions, such as trademark opposition, IP dispute, etc.

IP Application
 Trademark, patent and copyright filing, transfer, opposition, invalidation, dispute;
 License recordation;
 Customs recordation, etc;
 Advantage: with lawyers’ support, more professional in IP application.

IP Litigation & IP Related Dispute
 With an experienced and professional team to follow up IP litigation;
 Deep analysis and customized proposal;
 Rich experience in both civil litigation and criminal litigation;
 Always achieve satisfying result for clients;
 Expert at claiming damages from targets raided or being raided;
 With high successful rate in damage-claiming.

Mediation and Amicable Settlement (for IP Dispute)
 A workable way to save clients’ costs other than paying high litigation fees;
 A quick and efficient solution to obtain damages;
 Negotiation under the standard and legal process;
 With utmost to achieve the best result as per clients’ requirements;
 Abundant experience with flexible negotiation skills;
 In IP infringement cases, will claim liquidated damages from repeated infringer to prevent from further infringement.

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