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Holihan Law was founded in 1995, through its predecessor firm Holihan & Diaz, PA., on the simple idea that intellectual property enforcement is carried out most effectively when a client’s long term business ends are kept paramount. Consistent with this approach, Holihan Law has for nearly two decades worked with national publishers, film studios, and apparel, footwear, luxury goods and electronics manufactures to provide tailor-made programs that meet each company’s specific counterfeiting or piracy concerns.

Throughout this time, Holihan Law has successfully created and run nationwide enforcement programs involving counterfeit footwear, jewelry, accessories, music CDs, sunglasses, cell phones, pirated and counterfeit costumes, and pirated satellite programming. In each case, our law firm was able to effectively balance the recoveries and costs of such enforcement work with the business and legal practicalities of such programs. Whether we identify infringers through our firm’s in-house investigations, through management of external investigations, or through information obtained from third party investigations, we are consistently able to transfer our recognition and measurement of clients’ problems into a plan of action and successfully develop a comprehensive enforcement program.

Just as counterfeiters have evolved from street corner and flea market sales to online and international sales transported via express courier systems, Holihan Law’s counterfeit solutions have likewise evolved to combat modern counterfeiters’ developing business models. We work closely with U.S. Customs and Border Protection and law enforcement agencies identifying counterfeit and pirated merchandise imported into the U.S. These relationships allow us to develop and implement innovative strategies to combat the importation and distribution of counterfeit and pirated goods.

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