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Tracie Kutner Merwitzer
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ince 1982, Nautilus’ investigative efforts on behalf of trademark owners and their attorneys have resulted in hundreds of successful civil and criminal actions. We are a pioneer in this field, and our investigation of counterfeiters resulted in criminal prosecutions under Federal Statutes for counterfeiting 18 Stat. 2320. Acting with U.S. Customs and the Secret Service, Nautilus Investigations was part of an elite task force that investigated and prosecuted companies and individuals under what then was a “new” federal statute. These early, successful prosecutions are now cited as case precedents. Our work on behalf of trademark and intellectual property rights owners includes the following:
-Investigation and enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR), including counterfeit, copyright infringement and unfair competition issues
-We represent trademark owners and conduct enforcement efforts at major-league and large-scale sporting events throughout the United States
-Investigation of Local, State and Federal criminal operations
-Civil action search-and-seizure operations
-Diversion and parallel shipments
-Seminar presentations to all levels of law enforcement and trade groups

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