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For over twenty years Fortuna software has been used in the security design phase of government printing. Security printing provides the foundational layers of defense against counterfeiting, diversion, and other frauds for banknotes, tax stamps, documents, passports, and IDs. Unless all products are marked with the same strategy used in currency and ID programs of all items receiving some level of security marking, you cannot achieve TIV (Total Investigative Visibility).

There are three ways to achieve TIV cost effectively: taggants, managed serialization, and integration of security print features into packaging, labels, and other associated documents. ProImage/AGFA’s Arziro software, designed for use by package, label, and document designers enables sophisticated security print features to be integrated into all designs.

With Arziro you can:

• Add printable security features to existing package and label designs.
• Add anti-copy features to labels to make it extremely difficult for counterfeiters to use a copy as a basis for their fraud.
• Have access to many of the currency grade, sophisticated design tools developed in Fortuna.
• Create printable security designs for offset, intaglio, flexographic, gravure or high resolution digital printers.
• Create interesting designs and effects that are aesthetically pleasing as well as being hard to counterfeit.
• Gain TIV by affordably marking all products and being able to use them without proprietary tools.
• Potentially prosecute under US Code 2318, “Trafficking in Counterfeit Labels” for some products by turning product labels into a security labels (five years imprisonment, $250,000 fine). This will need to be discussed further with your legal counsel.
• Begin using the product quickly by integrating security feature into existing design’s Adobe Illustrator files.

ProImage/AGFA also offer Arziro Authenticate an anti-copy QR code tracking product and app. By having codes which are copy protected, it enables the narrowing of investigative radiuses better than standard codes which rely on algorithmic probabilities to detect fraud. They can detect a code has been copied, but cannot distinguish if the first code read is the real code or the second or the following. With Authenticate, investigators can with much more precision, and less analysis, map the event. Anti-copy codes can also be used for more secure code based incentive programs.

Arziro Anti-Copy enables the creation of copy protected documents and customizing the copy message or symbol enabling a way to cost effectively protect inserts, certificates of analysis, certificates of authenticity, or other documents which may accompany a product.

All these solutions are offered and supported by a financially stable global company founded in 1867, the inventor of the first automatic 35 mm camera, and the leader in all of its graphic, healthcare, software, and security markets.

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