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Company Description

Sideman & Bancroft’s Brand Integrity and Innovation Group (BIIG) delivers leading‐edge support, advice
and action to protect the brand integrity of our clients throughout the world. BIIG provides customized
and scalable brand protection solutions designed to provide quantifiable return on investment. We assist
our clients to clarify their strategic goals and to design and implement the appropriate response. The end
result delivers measurable support to internal business partners and external stakeholders, which enables
our clients to maintain brand integrity and add real value to any corporate bottom line.
BIIG is truly global. We are able to assist clients in almost every country in the world where
legislation allows it.
Brand Integrity & Innovation Professionals: BIIG relies on professionals with decades of experience and a
track record of success to craft and adapt strategies to protect our clients’ brands. Our industry
knowledge spans the recording, automotive, IT, consumer electronics, food and beverage, lifestyle
accessories, pharmaceutical, firearm, and apparel sectors. Our professionals, which include former
prosecutors and law enforcement officials, have managed and supported global anti‐counterfeiting
programs for Fortune 100 companies, both internally and externally. We work with some clients to
identify and execute the strategy and innovation to support their vision, and help other clients remain on
track to meet existing strategic objectives. We also triage and solve pertinent short‐term issues, freeing
our clients up to focus on wider, more long‐term brand protection needs. Our professionals include former prosecutors, public defenders, and law enforcement officials from the U.S. Department of Justice, U.S. Customs, and Scotland Yard, who have managed and supported global anti‐counterfeiting programs for Fortune 100 companies, both internally and externally.
We represent some of the leading companies in the technology, consumer electronics, automotive, firearm,
apparel, food and beverage, and pharmaceutical industries.
S&B is pleased to offer the following services:
Legal Services
• Our unique criminal referral practice has led to numerous prosecutions, jail terms, and restitution orders.
Through civil litigation we have obtained court orders seizing assets from targets all over the world. We
can also register and maintain your trademark and patent portfolios globally. We work with a global
network of proven local legal counsel, allowing us to coordinate trademark and patent portfolios along
with criminal and civil enforcement efforts to ensure consistency in approach.
Online Monitoring
• We police domestic and international online marketplaces to ensure rapid takedown of listings for
counterfeit products and payment services accounts (such as PayPal, credit cards, etc.), generating
actionable intelligence that can be used effectively for escalated targeted enforcement.
Investigation Management
• We have a global network of approved, fully‐vetted investigation resources trained to operate to the
highest ethical standards. We direct investigations on your behalf pursuant to the attorney‐client
privilege, attorney work‐product doctrine, and other applicable privileges in jurisdictions where these
privileges are recognized.
• Our network of vetted investigators allows us lawfully and ethically to make evidential purchases to
support your investigations, whether to gain intelligence or to obtain evidence admissible in court.
Customs Support & Training
• S&B provides global Customs support, including around‐the‐clock, real‐time response throughout the
Customs detention and seizure process.
By demonstrating return on investment through a counterfeit
market share reduction, we support the transition of your brand protection program from the perception
of a “cost center” to the reality of a “profit center.”

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