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Company Description

SnapDragon is an online brand protection company dedicated to fighting fakes online. Born from founder's personal journey as an SME owner experiencing counterfeits, SnapDragon has become a leading light in intellectual property enforcement and brand protection, defending revenues, reputations and, just as importantly, consumers.

Using clients’ IP rights, SnapDragon’s pioneering software Swoop monitors the world’s busiest online marketplaces for copycat goods, identifying suspect infringements for removal. Backed by AI-driven technology, Swoop has also proved to be highly effective at detecting opportunities for further IP filings, as well as gathering the necessary evidence for future litigation.

A flexible solution, SnapDragon can support businesses at several levels dependent on need and budget, from self-service to fully managed. Whatever the size or scale of the issue, SnapDragon’s multilingual team of brand analysts ensure that counterfeiters can be defeated, protecting innovators, businesses and customers alike.

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