Ten Intelligence Commercial Information Services LLC

Services Provided

Investigative, Online brand protection


Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, United Arab Emirates

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Cate Wells
+971 4333 4669
PO Box 24745, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Justine Banks
+971 4333 4669
PO Box 24745, Dubai, United Arab Emirates


Middle East


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Company Description

Ten Intelligence works directly with brand owners as we feel this is the best way we can understand our client’s needs and expectations in combatting IP and Fraud related matters. We are also tasked by local law firms and law enforcement to assist them in background due diligence, evidence gathering and counterfeit investigations.
Our key strengths are set out below:
1. Law Enforcement Liaison (UAE Police and Economic Devleopment Departments)
2. UAE Government liaison (including the Department of Economic Development (DED) and Chambers of Commerce in Dubai and Abu Dhabi)
3. Anti-Counterfeiting Investigations (including raid attendance)
4. Market Surveys/Mystery Shoppers
5. Controlled Test Purchases
6. Proactive searches for online and physical trademark infringement in UAE and META region.
7. Initiating introductions between brand owners and law enforcement.
8. IP and Business Due Diligence

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