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Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Panama, Puerto Rico, United States

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Kyle D. Jones
100 Pine Street, Suite 1250, San Francisco, CA 94111


North America, Latin America


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UACB was founded by former FBI Special Agent Kyle Jones who conducted investigations and operations in the FBI's National Security Branch pertaining to foreign counterintelligence, economic espionage, theft of trade secrets and counterterrorism. This experience was gained against highly-trained foreign intelligence officers and terrorist operatives who utilized sophisticated methods to penetrate organizations and supply chains in order to collect information or assets and then transfer them abroad. UACB utilizes a network of former FBI agents and intelligence community members to provide seamless coverage regardless of location. UACB can efficiently and effectively address corporate insider threats and external collection efforts and also provides investigative litigation support, vendor due diligence and background investigations.

Additional Information

Investigative contracts with the FBI, the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco and the City of Oakland's Affirmative Litigation Department.
Affiliate member of eight San Francisco Bay Area bar associations.
Member of the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce.

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