IACC Conference Materials 2016 Spring

IACC Conference Materials

IACC Spring Conference 2016-Orlando, FL




Special Presentation and Panels Held Thursday, May 19th

Counterfeiting in International Trade: An update on the new OECD Report 

Peter Avery, Senior Consultant, Counterfeiting and Piracy, Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)


Stopping the flow of counterfeits: Shared challenges – collaborative solutions  

Counterfeit and pirated goods are transported around the world in a wide range of ways. Fake goods have been seized in cargo containers shipped by sea and by air and in small packages routed through traditional mail centers and express mail carriers. Companies that transport these goods are a critical part of the supply chain and a key intermediary in stopping the flow of illicit goods. This panel of rights holders, intermediary representatives and government officials will discuss the challenges faced by the transport operators and rights holders, what steps are being taken to stop the criminal infiltration of the supply chain and what more can be done collaboratively to stop the shipment of fake goods.

Meena Sayal, Global Brand Protection Director, Unilever

Norman Schenk, Vice President, Global Customs Policy & Public Affairs, UPS

Julio Velez, Americas Anti-Counterfeiting Investigations Manager, HP Inc.


Where are counterfeits made, warehoused and 

sold? – Eliminating the criminal’s place of doing business  

What would happen if the criminal operators had no place to make, store, distribute and sell their illicit goods? The question highlights the importance of property owners and landlords as intermediaries in the supply chain for counterfeit goods. Landlords may knowingly or unknowingly rent space for manufacturing, warehousing or sale of these goods, and they typically are not in the business of regularly inspecting the nature of the business once they have a lease. This leads to a critical vulnerability in the supply chain. In this panel, rights holders and property owners will explore how they can work together to identify and address the vulnerabilities and effectively deny counterfeiters access to the space to do business.

James Whymark, Senior Associate, Baker & McKenzie 

Peter Fowler, Regional IP Attache for Southeast Asia, U.S. Patent and Trademark Office 

Ron Davis, Quality Brands Protection Committee (QBPC) 

Gustavo Giay, Partner, Marval, O'Farrell & Mairal  


Developing Best Practices across E-Commerce Platforms to Address Counterfeiting and Piracy

The Internet marketplace has become a complex, inter-connected network built to deliver a seamless range of online services and products to consumers and businesses. At the same time, this new online environment has created enormous opportunities for criminal networks to market, sell and distribute counterfeit and pirated goods. This panel will discuss the challenges faced by rights-holders across e-commerce platforms, followed by a discussion on best practices to address and mitigate the threat of counterfeits on online marketplaces. Government representatives will provide insights on what their respective countries are doing collaboratively with rights-holders and platforms to combat online fakes.

Chris Oldknow, Senior Consultant, ICC BASCAP 

Adam Williams, Deputy Director, International Policy Directorate,  UK Intellectual Property Office 


Panels Held Friday, May 20th

Challenges and solutions to mitigating counterfeiting and piracy on search, advertising and content sharing services 

Search engine, advertising and content sharing services play a key role in facilitating consumer access to products and creative content on the Internet. Panelists will discuss current policies and procedures in how search engine operators and content sharing providers ensure illegal content and products are mitigated on these platforms, challenges in enforcing those policies and potential approaches to resolve them. Furthermore, speakers from online advertising services and brand owners will share practices and programs aimed at preventing legitimate advertisements from appearing on illicit websites. 

David Green, Vice President, Public Policy, NBCUniversal

Rachel Nyswander Thomas, Senior Vice President, Operations & Policy at TAG 

Vicki Sheckler, Deputy General Counsel, Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA)  

Peter Szyszko, CEO, whiteBULLET


Following the Money – taking profitability away from counterfeiters 

Counterfeiters and pirates are in the business to make money. Disrupting their ability to collect payments from unwitting consumers and driving up the cost of conducting their illicit business have proven to be effective deterrents. Panelists from credit card companies, brands and law enforcement will discuss innovative ways they have been able to strike counterfeiters where it hurts most – their wallet. Speakers will also highlight continuing challenges and evolving tactics used by counterfeiters to evade detection that underscore the need for brands, intermediaries and government alike to keep pace. 

Farnaz Alemi, Vice President & Senior Legal Counsel, Global Content Protection Internet, Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) 

Carlos Linares, Vice President, Anti-Piracy Legal Affairs, Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) 

Lisa Meyerhoff, Partner, Baker & McKenzie  


No name, no website, no sale – blocking and seizing domain names and infringing sites  

Internet hosting services, domain registrars and registries, and internet access providers provide the services that are the technical backbone of the internet. Domain names and addresses are a basic piece of the internet puzzle, and the assignment of these names is controlled by ICANN and administered by registries and registrars around the world. The system works amazingly well given the breadth and complexity involved. However, it is vulnerable to abuse by those who sell counterfeits and unlicensed content, and these abuses confuse and mislead consumers into unknowingly making transactions for fake goods and services, including many that are unsafe and harmful. This panel will look at the current system and the approaches and best practices for blocking domain name abuses and seizing existing illegal and illegitimate sites.

Deborah Wilcox, Partner, Baker & McKenzie Speakers:

Chris Vansteenkiste, Cluster Manager Counterfeiting, Europol

Zachary Wolf, Client Services Manager, MarkMonitor  

Brian Winterfeldt, Partner, Mayer Brown