IACC Statement on New General Member Category

May 6, 2016

The IACC stands by its collaborative approach and is committed to lean into the future and lead a coalition of the willing. The problem of counterfeiting is too pervasive and complex for any single company or industry to combat on its own. Our General Member category was created in recognition of the integral role that intermediaries play as part of the solution and in eBay's and others' interest in joining. Alibaba’s application for membership was unanimously approved by the IACC’s Board of Directors based on their demonstrated commitment and concrete results through the IACC MarketSafe program. 

Other intermediary companies have joined the IACC, and the decision to allow them membership is just one aspect of our broader, more holistic approach to fighting counterfeiting. By bringing intermediaries to the fold, we are offering our current membership a new way to work with these entities directly while coordinating a collective effort to develop solutions to global counterfeiting and piracy.
View our General Member FAQs for more information.

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