In honoring its long-standing commitment and mission of combating counterfeiting and piracy, and expanding its efforts to domestic and international frontiers, the IACC created the IACC Latin America Training Program.


Always looking for new ways of diversifying and establishing a strong influence in different sectors, the IACC, under the guidance of Mario Loaiza and Angelo Mazza launched the first program dedicated to counterfeit detection training in Latin America.


The idea of this training is to serve as a vehicle to spread the word and educate the different authorities and key people on how to distinguish genuine products from counterfeit. This project hopes to facilitate the enforcement task of authorities to stop counterfeit and infringing goods by means of detention, seizure and forfeiture.


Members of the IACC who wish to participate in this endeavor are included in a training CD containing each company’s training presentations. The presentations are translated into Spanish and Portuguese and distributed in training seminars in Latin America. This media serves as an excellent reference point for training authorities how to distinguish genuine products from counterfeit products.


The first training of this operation was conducted in Chile during the month of June 2009, and it proved to be a total success. About 40 people and 10 companies participated in the conference for the IP Brigade Chile Police. In July 2009, there was another conference held in Guayaquil, Ecuador. This one included prosecutors, customs agents, police and other members for a total of 70 people.


The IACC is very enthusiastic about the obtained results and their plan is to have one training seminar in Latin America each month. There have been scheduled training seminars to be held in South America for the countries of Uruguay, Argentina and Paraguay. Colombia, Mexico and Brazil are some of the upcoming countries that are lined-up to receive this valuable training.

Law enforcement officials learning from the training presentations.

Participants in the Latin America Training Program exchange best practices.

Genuine products compared to counterfeit products.

IACC Paraguay Training, August 2013

IACC Brazil Training, August 2013

IACC Argentina Training, August 2013


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