IACC U.S. Law Enforcement April Training Announcement

Dear All,

The IACC has organized training for law enforcement personnel in three cities in the southwest for April 2018.

The training in Houston on April 17th will be focused on local law enforcement and HSI personnel. It has been a few years since we were last there and there is strong interest especially from local law enforcement. Houston PD has been the recipient of a federal grant and is eager to gain knowledge to work IP cases.

The Dallas Training will take place on April 18 at the HSI offices in Dallas. While the training is focused on CBP, there will be some HSI agents in attendance. This is another location where it has been a few years since the last training took place. It is a good opportunity to update personnel and provide materials and training.

Mesa, AZ is the last stop in this set of trainings on May 19. The attendees here will be from a variety of area departments that have received or have applied for IP grants. This is a good opportunity to lay the ground work for future enforcement. HSI has been invited and is expected to attend as well.

The number of total attendees will be in the 40-50 range at both Texas locations. In Mesa, we expect to have over 100 law enforcement attendees. IACC reserves the right to close registration early if attendance extends beyond the venue’s capacity. For more details on the training and logistics information, please click HERE.

Please do not hesitate to contact Angelo Mazza (aepmazza@gibney.com or 212 705-9841 ) or Mike Walsh (mwalsh@iacc.org) if you have any questions.

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