University Experts to Perform Independent Review of IACC Anti-Counterfeiting Program for Alibaba Platforms

IACC Engages University of Trento to Review IACC MarketSafe Expansion Program

Washington, DC January 3, 2017 – The International AntiCounterfeiting Coalition (IACC) is pleased to announce that it has engaged the anti-counterfeiting expertise of the University of Trento in Italy, to conduct an independent review of the IACC MarketSafe Expansion Program. Implemented by the University of Trento’s new start-up on security, Intellegit, the assessment aims to provide an unbiased look at the Expansion Program’s effectiveness in fighting fakes. 

The University of Trento’s professors working on the project will interact directly with participating brands, as well as the IACC and Alibaba staff currently assigned to the Expansion Program. The study will examine the efficacy and impact of the program, and provide recommendations for improvement.

“I’m thrilled to have the University of Trento review the program,” said IACC President Bob Barchiesi. “You can’t grade your own homework. A fresh and independent set of eyes will help us ensure nothing has been overlooked, point to ways we can improve, and create more value overall for our brands.

“We are excited to work with the IACC and participating brands on the IACC MarketSafe Expansion Program,” said Andrea Di Nicola, professor of criminology at the University of Trento and founding partner of Intellegit. “We are uniquely qualified for this assessment, having done specific researches and work in the offline and online intellectual property space. The added value of Intellegit-UniTrento is that, through security sciences, we aim to turn data into advanced knowledge for safer business. We look forward to examining and providing constructive feedback on the program.” The University of Trento has in fact conducted studies on counterfeit pharmaceuticals and other fields. Working closely with Interpol, the university has also developed, among the others, an intellectual property tool to identify illegal online sellers and pharmaceuticals that has been praised by Europol. 

The IACC MarketSafe Expansion Program is a free anti-counterfeiting program that supports rights-holders’ IP enforcement efforts on Alibaba’s platforms. It provides a streamlined mechanism for expedited take-down actions against infringing listings and sellers. It also facilitates dialogue with Alibaba to strengthen preventative measures and address policy concerns. Finally, the Expansion Program aims to build a bridge between rights-holders of all sizes, including SMEs, and Alibaba so that they can benefit from a direct relationship with Alibaba by entering its good faith program once they exit the Expansion Program. The IACC and Alibaba Group announced the IACC MarketSafe Expansion Program in May 2016. The Expansion Program has garnered significant interest from rights-holders with program applications reaching near capacity. The Expansion Program will launch in mid-February 2017.

About IACC

The IACC ( is a Washington, DC-based not-for-profit organization representing the interests of companies concerned with trademark counterfeiting and the related theft of intellectual property. The members of the IACC include many of the world’s best-known brands across all product sectors. The IACC has played a leading role in the development of cross-industry voluntary agreements, to address the illicit trafficking of counterfeit and pirated goods online, including its IACC MarketSafe® and RogueBlock® initiatives.

About Intelligit

Intellegit ( is the start up on security of the University of Trento, Italy. The University itself is a founding partner. Its mission is to turn science into intelligence, providing services to make better, informed, decisions and to limit security risks. Intellegit guarantees to public institutions and private businesses and organizations, advanced services, including ICT, to identify, analyze and manage the risks associated with security. Intellegit was born out of and is nourished by the applied research conducted by eCrime (, the research group on crime and security of the University of Trento. The services of Intellegit are based on and are a summary of the methodologies and the know-how developed by the researchers in eCrime. Intellegit is led by University professors, researchers and experts: criminologists, statisticians, ICT scientists, lawyers, managers, and communication experts. In particular, the division, Intellego Fake of Intellegit, is focused on innovative online and offline counterfeiting programs.

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