Case Studies

Anti-Counterfeiting Case Studies

Product Authentication Labeling System to Combat Counterfeiting of Mobile Phone Accessories

A premier boutique brand designs and manufactures high-end smart phone, tablet and wearable accessories. These innovative products are appealing to customers due to their aesthetic look, unique materials and reliability. So appealing in fact, that counterfeiters from international markets began creating low-quality fakes that threatened to swamp the company just as it began to expand its brand worldwide.

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Importer Identity Theft

Importers often use stolen identities to avoid liability in connection with their trafficking of counterfeit goods. All too often, however, the “name and address of the importer” will be that of an innocent victim of identity theft. However, the information in the seizure notice still has enormous value and can be used to identify the counterfeiters and hold them, and perhaps others involved, accountable.

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Holistic Approach to Online Enforcement

As the manufacturer grew into a top fashion brand globally - first selling exclusively online and then partnering with well-known fashion houses and luxury department stores – it became an increasingly appealing target for counterfeiters who took advantage of its highly-recognized brand name to lure potential customers to rogue sites.The manufacturer sought to develop an online brand protection strategy that quickly identified sites taking advantage of its brand, introducing appropriate enforcement measures to combat online counterfeiters and curb the abuse.

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Audio Connectors Counterfeiting Issue

A world-renowned supplier of audio connectors discovered its products were being copied at alarming rates, with seizures reported in Asia, though the inferior products were destined for global distribution. The design and legal teams of the company worked with a product security firm in the early planning and implementation of a solution. The rights-holder worked with its product security vendor to achieve this goal.

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