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MIC Worldwide, LLC

Services Provided

Investigative, Product security and anti-counterfeiting technology solutions


Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay, Venezuela

Contact Information

Christopher Macolini
1301 Brickell Ave, Suite 900, Miami, FL 33131

Dafne H. Macolini
1301 Brickell Ave, Suite 900, Miami, FL 33131


Latin America


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Company Description

MIC Worldwide is a bespoke global risk consultancy that specializes in helping organizations understand and manage risks when operating in complex environments. We support our clients by providing tailored investigative and security solutions to threats that that arise when operating abroad. With a principal focus on Latin America, we provide context to the social, political and economic circumstances surrounding an event or issue.

Additional Information

Intellectual Property Investigations There is no greater threat to a brand than loss of consumer confidence as a result of counterfeit products. MIC Worldwide helps companies across all industries to protect their intellectual property. • Market Surveys – The extent of a company’s counterfeit problem in a particular market is often unknown. Through the use of tailored market surveys, MIC Worldwide assists our clients in quantifying the true expanse of their counterfeiting problem in a particular area. • Test Purchases – Test purchases are a valuable tool for ensuring compliance by local sales networks, as well as for gathering evidence on a distributor of counterfeit goods. We conducts hundreds of test purchase each year for our clients across a wide array of industries and countries. • Training Authorities – MIC Worldwide provides product awareness and product identification training in support of our clients to police officers prosecutors, judges and other authorities in the region each year. • Coordinating Enforcement Actions – Eliciting the support of the authorities to act against a counterfeiting target in a foreign environment can be challenging. MIC Worldwide has an extensive network of law enforcement, judicial and political contacts necessary to ensure cooperation in the region. • Product Authentication/Expert Witness – MIC Worldwide agents act as product authentication experts for our clients during enforcement actions and judicial proceedings. • Document Analysis –Information collected during an enforcement action often exceeds the value of the counterfeit products removed from the market. MIC Worldwide’s team of analysts have extensive experience converting seized information into actionable intelligence.

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