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Product security and anti-counterfeiting technology solutions


China, Malaysia, Spain, Switzerland, United States

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SICPA Brand Protection
Av. de Florissan 41, 1008 Prilly, Switzerland


Africa, Asia Pacific, Central Asia, Europe (non-EU countries), European Union, Latin America, Middle East, North America


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Company Description

SICPA is a leading global provider of secured authentication, identification and traceability solutions and services. Founded in 1927, headquartered in Switzerland, SICPA’s mission is to Enable Trust through constant innovation. Based on core expertise in high security inks, the company protects the majority of the world’s banknotes, security and value documents from the threats of counterfeiting and fraud. SICPA also integrates material covert features and cutting-edge digital technology to offer sophisticated traceability and supply chain protection solutions and services, enabling governments to optimize tax revenues and enforce regulations. SICPA is a leader in cutting edge branded technologies for the product and brand protection market. Our time-tested and new generation technologies help companies protect brands, products and supply chains from the growing trade in counterfeit goods. Operating on five continents, SICPA provides technologies and services to most governments, central banks and security printers and works with a wide range of commercial companies across the globe to tackle the most pressing brand protection challenges.

Additional Information

Our secure technologies include unique and sophisticated visible, invisible and connectivity features to help you: authenticate products, protect against liability, ensure supply chain integrity, engage and retain customers. SICPA's range of product authentication solutions work individually and in unison to safeguard your brands and products from the risks and liabilities of the counterfeit industry.

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