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Paying It Forward-COVID-19

Dear Colleagues,

I cannot emphasize enough the IACC’s gratitude to the true heroes of COVID-19 – doctors, nurses, police, Emergency Medical Technicians, and firefighters. In early March, we opened the coffers of the IACC and purchased and donated thousands of KN95 medical masks to these brave men and women.

I was heartened and humbled to receive an email from a doctor practicing at North Shore University Hospital stating “Please understand how very thankful we are for the masks you have provided. We feel blessed to have the support from such an important organization. These masks that you have donated have already been used on the “front lines.” They are used every day protecting our providers while they perform lifesaving procedures.” At a community Hospital, a health care professional sent me the following message “There are no words adequate enough to express my sincere gratitude and appreciation for the face masks given to me and my fellow coworkers. Being able to put on a fresh mask every day instead of reusing the same one for multiple days, helped me get through the long hours and difficult weeks. Thank you for your generosity.” Finally, from an administrator from NY Presbyterian “The package has arrived! Thank you for your organization’s generosity. These masks will go to good use and I can’t overstate how much we appreciate your donation; it’s so uplifting to have your support!”

You too can “Pay It Forward” by visiting started by a group of Doctors and supported by a volunteer team of developers, connecting individuals and/or organizations willing to donate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) with front line responders that need PPE.

As Winston Churchill famously stated in a speech before the House of Commons on August 20, 1940: “Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few.”

As always, we wish you continued health and safety.

Best Regards,
Bob Barchiesi

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