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Report on the Potential Impact of Drug Importation Proposals on U.S. Law Enforcement

June 6, 2017

Today Freeh, Sporking, and Sullivan LLC and the Freeh Group International released the Report on the Potential Impact of Drug Importation Proposals on U.S. Law Enforcement, an investigation sponsored by the Partnership for Safe Medicines.The review uncovered several effects drug importation may have on the counterfeit pharmaceutical market, as well as on how law enforcement and customs officials enforce anti-counterfeiting laws in the U.S.

IACC President Bob Barchiesi said about the report, “The trafficking of counterfeit medicines is a growing threat to patients around the world, accounting for tens of billions of dollars in annual sales. The pharmaceutical supply chain in the United States has remained, by and large, the safest in the world, thanks to our tight regulatory controls, and as a result of the efforts of Customs and law enforcement officers tasked with keeping dangerous counterfeits out of consumers’ hands.

Recent proposals to allow importation of drugs from other jurisdictions with less regulation, less oversight, and less enforcement, pose significant risks to patient safety, and undermine the vital work that we’ve come to rely on here at home. Former FBI Director Freeh’s investigative report will help bolster our efforts to promote the safety and integrity of the global drug supply.

We need to stand side by side with partners in law enforcement and work to prevent any policy changes that will be harmful to our collective efforts now and in the future.”

See HERE for the full report.

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