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About Online Counterfeiting

Counterfeits on the Web a Growing Problem

Once only seen in flea markets and sidewalk stalls, counterfeit products are now prevalent in the virtual world. Counterfeits are available through stand-alone websites, social media networks, and e-commerce platforms. While the Internet has provided unparalleled opportunities for legitimate businesses to grow and reach consumers all over the world, it has also increased counterfeiters’ the ability to expand their operations. Even those looking for genuine products can now easily fall victim to counterfeit websites that use legitimate pictures and misleading pricing strategies to fool consumers.

The Internet has made combating counterfeiting and piracy a truly global challenge. The counterfeiters’ ability to remain anonymous and operate hundreds of websites creates considerable challenges for both brand owner and law enforcement efforts aimed at taking down rogue websites and pursuing the individuals behind them.

IACC’s Approach

The IACC believes in the power of partnerships. No one company, organization or approach can eradicate counterfeiting. Our strategy is to make counterfeiting activities as risky, costly, unprofitable and undesirable as possible.

Established in 2012, RogueBlock® is an online threat mitigation initiative conducted in partnership with the credit card and financial services companies. Utilizing this partnership, RogueBlock aims to terminate counterfeiters’ merchant accounts so that they are not able to accept online payment from consumers. To date, RogueBlock has terminated more than 5,000 merchant accounts and impacted more than 200,000 websites. Learn more about RogueBlock®.

IACC MarketSafe® is our signature partnership with Alibaba, launched in May 2014, to quickly and efficiently take down listings of counterfeits. The partnership was the result of an MOU signed in 2013, and updated in 2015 that has significantly enhanced IACC’s working relationship with Alibaba. IACC MarketSafe Program covers all Alibaba e-commerce platforms (Taobao, Tmall, 1688,, AliExpress) and it has seen a 100% takedown rate on listings when companies stand behind their claims. The partnership has experienced top-level commitment from Alibaba, in its efforts to address counterfeiting issues. Learn more about IACC MarketSafe®.

Initiated by an MOU in April 2018, the IACC-Amazon Program is a unique voluntary collaboration supported by senior management and specialized teams within Amazon and the IACC. The Program focuses on streamlining, accountability and meaningful engagement – providing an expedited resolution path for enforcement issues as well as a real-time feedback mechanism to drive long-term solutions. It is a collaboration designed to continuously evolve and bolster IP enforcement on Amazon, not only to the benefit of Program participants but also the entire rights-holder community. The Program is open to all IACC member brands. Learn more about the IACC-Amazon Program.

To join or for more information, contact Don’t forget to check back for updates!