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Baby Phat Jeans

Baby Phat Jeans

Baby Phat jeans: Fake!

Yes, even jeans are counterfeited. All your favorite brands. But, in addition to supporting criminal syndicates, any jeans-wearing, fashion-conscious shopper will tell you jeans are all about the perfect fit. And, with the fakes – BEWARE. Here are a few tips to help you avoid buying fake jeans:

  • Missing or generic rivets? Fake. Many jeans manufacturers’ rivets
  • (and other hardware) include the company name.
  • Loose threads and other poor quality construction inside? Probably fake.
  • Logo on inside of waistband in wrong font? Fake.
  • Exterior hangtag with different paper quality, font or twine attachment? Fake.
  • Zipper missing name-brand logo? Fake.

According to Counterfeit Chic, a Web site that helps shoppers avoid fake fashions, if you’re hoping to score a bargain but unsure whether you’re simply getting ripped off instead, bring along a real pair of your preferred brand for comparison–and if you’re still in doubt, shop elsewhere.

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