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Membership Benefits

IACC Membership Empowers You

Counterfeiters are well-organized, well-connected and highly resourceful. You should be too. Receive the tools, resources and collective strength to enhance your own anti-counterfeiting programs while making a global impact.

As a member, your company will benefit from:

Global Community

The IACC brings together thousands of people from various industries, expertise, educational institutions, and government at all levels to network with and learn from each other on key strategies and practical solutions to addressing counterfeiting and piracy.

To help support member engagement, the IACC offers member-only inquiries for referral requests to assist with IP specific issues.

Our Expert Directory is yet another platform to facilitate engagement. Comprised of law firm, investigative agency, and product security members who focus on intellectual property, this searchable online database connects rights-holders with reputable, specialized service providers. 

High Level Program and Events

Members receive significant discounts to IACC’s Annual Conference and  LatAm Summit.

The IACC conferences are the ideal venue for learning and networking from high-profile speakers, taking part in expert panel sessions, solution-oriented seminars, and a collaborative atmosphere that attracts attendees from around the world.

Access to Influencers 

The IACC ensures that its members concerns and priorities reach the most senior level stakeholders in government and industry. As a member, you will be able to hear directly from important figures in government and business at the IACC’s Conferences, training events or exclusive meetings and can learn about their perspective and approach to IP protection.


IACC offers leadership opportunities to its members through participation in the IACC Board of Directors. IACC members also have a unique opportunity to take part in the nomination process for the IACC’s Board of Directors.


The IACC invests in and with its partners resulting in concrete ROI for its members. Below are just a few ways members can benefit from the IACC’s partnerships:

  • Sign up at the member rate for RogueBlock® and IACC MarketSafe®, our signature online anti-counterfeiting programs. Learn about how RogueBlock® and IACC MarketSafe® can make a difference in your online efforts.
  • Participation in the IACC-Amazon Program (limitations may apply)
  • Law enforcement trainings in the United States are conducted by the IACC and are free for members. These trainings allow members to directly connect with and educate local law enforcement about their products and counterfeiting trends in their industry. Learn more about our U.S. Training.
  • Participation in our Law Enforcement Training App allows law enforcement to instantly connect with brands and provides them with relevant tools to enhance their IP protection efforts. The App contains company contact information, training manuals and national and state laws, which complements our training programs. The App is currently available in the U.S. and Latin America. For more information click here.
  • IACC conducts training throughout Latin America focusing on educating local authorities to distinguish genuine products from fakes. This program is dedicated exclusively to counterfeit detection and is free for members. Learn more about the program.
  • IACC also conducts training in other regions of the world including Europe, Asia and the Middle East that are often held under a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with local governments. Learn more about our International Training and MOUs.

From a Member

“A highly respected and effective organization, the IACC gives its members access to invaluable resources, including progressive legislation and legal solutions, innovative policy and initiatives, and contacts with law enforcement and customs. IACC membership is essential for all rights-holders interested in leveraging their intellectual property enforcement budgets efficiently.”