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Global IP Partners

Partnerships and MOUs

Memoranda of Understanding

MOU with Danish Consulate General, Shanghai

Signed: December 18, 2017


The MOU, which was signed in Copenhagen, commits the organizations to share information and best practices on intellectual property protection, with a focus on identifying and fighting online counterfeiting. The IACC, through its expertise in enforcement and its globally recognized anti-counterfeiting programs, will also act as a resource for Danish Companies looking to strengthen its intellectual property strategies. Specifically, the IACC and the Consulate are working together by offering the IACC MarketSafe Expansion Program to Danish companies. The initiative is a free anti-counterfeiting program that support rights-holders’ IP enforcement efforts on Alibaba’s platform.


MOU with City of London Police

Signed: September 2016

Memorializing their solidarity in fighting for intellectual property rights, the IACC and the City of London Police signed an MOU at the 10th Annual Intellectual Property Crime Conference. Through the partnership, the IACC will share information with the City of London Police officials to prevent the proliferation of counterfeits in London and the United Kingdom. Learn more about City of London Police.

MOU with Guardia di Finanza

Signed: September 2016

Following a joint training of more than 600 Italian financial police officials in 2015, the IACC and the Guardia di Finanza (GdF) signed an MOU at the GdF General Headquarters in Rome, Italy. The partnership will revolve around the sharing of information and best practices on brand protection with a focus on identifying and fighting online counterfeiting. Learn more about the Guardia di Finanza.

MOU with Europol

Signed: July 2016

IACC President Bob Barchiesi and Europol Director Rob Wainwright signed an MOU at the launch of Europol’s IP Crime Coordinated Coalition (IPC3). The MOU aims to bolster the organizations’ collaboration and lay the groundwork for future joint initiatives. Furthermore, Bob will serve a two-year term as a rights-holder representative on the IPC3’s Stakeholders Advisory Group. More details about Europol and IPC3 can be found here.

MOU with Canadian Anti-Counterfeiting Network (CACN)

Signed: May 2015

The IACC signed an MOU with CACN during its Spring Conference in San Diego, CA. The MOU lays the foundation for both organizations to closely collaborate on intellectual property enforcement initiatives and programs. Through the MOU, IACC and CACN hope to bring increased opportunities for their members and customs, law enforcement and other government agencies from both sides of the border to gain increased access to training program options and other key resources. Learn more about CACN.

MOU with Emirates IP Association

MOU with Emirates IP Association

Signed: February 2015

As part of its efforts to expand its International Training program and global efforts to combat counterfeiting, the IACC signed an MOU with the Emirates IP Association (EIPA). The partnership was cemented during the IACC’s first training event in the Middle East entitled: “UAE Efforts against Intellectual Property Crime Symposium.” EIPA is a national association dedicated to protecting intellectual property in country. IACC President Bob Barchiesi and Major General Abdul Quddoos A. Razaq Al-Obaidli, Chairman of EIPA and Assistant Commander for Quality and Excellence at Dubai Police signed the MOU. The MOU promotes areas of cooperation in information exchange, joint events, as well as education on the harms of IP crime. Find out more about the IACC’s training in Dubai.


Signed: August 2014

The IACC’s MOU with INDICAM laid the groundwork for cooperation on enforcement, online initiatives, and exchange of information between the two organizations. Projects under the partnership would include joint training efforts with Italian law enforcement, consumer education programs, and joint advocacy efforts. INDICAM is an organization in Italy representing Italian brands and working to fight counterfeiting. Learn more about INDICAM.

MOU with Union des Fabricants (UNIFAB)

MOU with Union des Fabricants (UNIFAB)

Signed: May 2014

The IACC and UNIFAB signed an MOU during IACC’s Annual Spring Conference held in Hong Kong. Since the MOU, the two organizations have collaborated on a joint training event for law enforcement in Paris, France held in 2014. Furthermore, the IACC and UNIFAB have worked to educate consumers on the harms of counterfeit goods. UNIFAB contributed materials and sample items to the Counterfeit Crimes Exhibit at the National Museum of Crime and Punishment in Washington, D.C. The IACC launched the exhibit in June 2014. Learn more about UNIFAB and the Counterfeit Crimes Exhibit.

MOU with Curinde

MOU with Curinde

Signed: May 2014

The IACC continued to strengthen its efforts in the Latin America and Caribbean region through an MOU with Curinde under the supervision of the Minister of Economic Development of Curacao. Transit of counterfeit products in the region remain a challenge and the IACC hopes to assist in building capacity and offering a platform for rights-holders and government to work together.

MOU with French Customs

MOU with French Customs

Signed: March 2014

The IACC works closely with governments around the world to offer expertise and build initiatives that strengthen enforcement against counterfeiting and piracy. The IACC’s MOU with the National Directorate of Intelligence and Customs Investigations of the French Directorate General of Customs and Indirect Taxes sets the foundation for cooperation on enforcement operations and programs. Collaboration would include joint efforts targeting issues such as online counterfeiting and collaborating on training initiatives.

MOU with Taobao Marketplace

MOU with Taobao MarketPlace

Signed: May 2013

Taobao and TMall, part of the Alibaba Group, are among the largest e-commerce sites in the world. Like other e-commerce platforms, they face significant challenges in keeping their markets free of counterfeit goods. The IACC’s MOU with Taobao and TMall resulted in the IACC MarketSafe program that has allowed for a highly collaborative relationship to address such issues. The MOU was renewed in 2015 signifying continued commitment from the two organizations to work together, and incorporating enhancements to the program to address overall evolving challenges in combating online fakes. Learn more about IACC MarketSafe.

Other Partners

Other partner organizations include:


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