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U.S. Law Enforcement Training

Working with Law Enforcement

In honoring its long-standing commitment to combating counterfeiting and piracy, and expanding its efforts to domestic and international frontiers, the IACC has become a recognized leader in global enforcement training. The IACC continues to educate prosecutors, customs agents, police officers and other authorities to facilitate enforcement and stop counterfeit and infringing goods by means of detention, seizure and forfeiture.

From monthly domestic training through our U.S. Law Enforcement IP Training Program, to the Latin America Training Program to Europe, Asia and the Middle East, we are continuously seeking innovative ways to address the counterfeiting problem wherever needed.

U.S. Trainings

The U.S. Law Enforcement IP Training Program has developed an effective law enforcement training curriculum focused on providing enforcement authorities in the United States with necessary resources and education in the fight against counterfeiting. Founded in 2001 as the IACC Foundation, our program has provided training to more than 45,000 enforcement personnel throughout the country.

U.S. Law Enforcement Training’s are generally scheduled on a monthly basis and are free for IACC members. Training sessions vary from trade fairs for time-pressed organizations to half and full-day sessions with speakers and panels, based on local needs and relevant jurisdictional issues. The full sessions are a collaborative effort with rights-holders, investigators and often with the National Intellectual Property Rights Coordination Center (IPR Center). In addition, the Program produces an annual training app that organizes training manuals, state and federal laws, best practices, company contacts and more. It also manages a secure website that provides training materials and regular updates that are accessible through a registration and credentialing process.

We invite Law Enforcement officials to visit the Law Enforcement Only website

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About our training...

“Coty has found the trainings invaluable. They are the cornerstone of our IP enforcement efforts. The trainings have, on several occasions in the last two years, resulted in enforcement efforts that led to significant seizures and arrests much to our company’s and our consumers’ benefit.”

– Coty