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Product security and anti-counterfeiting technology solutions


Canada, China, Switzerland, Turkey, United States

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Lauren Moise
109 N 12th St., Floor 9, Brooklyn, NY 11249

Martin Kutter
+41 21 948 64 64
Rue du Clos 12, 1800 Vevey, Switzerland

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Africa, Asia Pacific, Central Asia, Europe (non-EU countries), European Union, Latin America, Middle East, North America


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Company Description

AlpVision protects more than 30 billion branded products from counterfeiting and gray market activity each year. Our technologies, AlpVision Fingerprint® for physical products and Cryptoglyph® for labels and packaging, are invisible yet detectable via smartphone app. AlpVision Fingerprint® enables the authentication of entire product lines using a single reference image, whereas Cryptoglyph® is applied to the varnish layer, solid color area, or QR code during routine printing processes. Both solutions include a server-based web application for real-time location and scan result monitoring that can be customized and integrated with existing systems. Beyond ensuring brand and customer confidence, AlpVision enables businesses to gain valuable insights into their product lifecycle.

Additional Information

Since its inception in 2001, AlpVision technologies have become vital to the operations of numerous Fortune 500 companies. Year after year, market research firms recognize AlpVision as a leader in the anti-counterfeiting packaging market. AlpVision is headquartered in Switzerland, with branches in China and the United States. We serve a range of industries, from pharmaceuticals to precious metals to automotive lubricants. All inquiries are welcome, as we are committed to adapting our solutions to each client's specific needs.

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