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Services Provided

Internet domain management, Online brand protection


China, Denmark, France, Germany, Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom, United States

Contact Information

Stefan Moritz
+49 151 148 425 07
Hofmannstrasse 7, 81379 Munich, Germany


Africa, Asia Pacific, Central Asia, Europe (non-EU countries), European Union, Latin America, Middle East, North America


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Company Description

EBRAND is a leader in the digital age, assisting global organizations in boosting and protecting their businesses. Through preserving online reputation, combating counterfeits, protecting consumers, and enhancing brand presence, we offer a comprehensive solution that addresses the diverse needs and risks faced by all industries and organizations. Our expertise lies in Corporate Domain Management (CDM), Online Brand Protection (OBP), and Digital Risk Protection (DRP). Leveraging advanced AI-powered technologies such as ARGOS and X-RAY, supported by professional services, we ensure brands strengthen their online presence, increase digital revenue, and fortify market value, security, and customer trust. With a proud history of over 15 years partnering with hundreds of corporate clients, and a network of leading industry partners, we are a proven ISO 27001 certified provider with international offices. Our approach is comprehensive and critical, offering solutions that transcend corporate silos. We innovate through proprietary AI-powered systems, employing machine learning and cutting-edge technologies like the an advanced variation and risk scoring engine. Furthermore, we tailor our solutions to meet specific needs, considering prior IP rights, business priorities, and allocated budgets. Backed by a team of highly experienced experts, including a team of lawyers and paralegals, we uphold a reputation for reliability and success. As a privately owned company managed by entrepreneurs with a long-term vision, we remain committed to delivering adaptable, customized, and effective solutions to our valued clients. EBRAND Online Brand Protection and Anti-Counterfeiting solutions The EBRAND online brand protection solution empowers leading brands in the online space, creates transparency, and protects the online distribution of products and services from infringements such as the sale of counterfeits or brand abuse. • Monitoring and Detection - Brand, product, keyword, and image search and retrieval across the entire public Internet • Analysis - With advanced machine learning, our expert team can quickly analyze thousands of extracted listings to identify potential infringements and detect clusters. • Enforcement - Our multi-lingual team of IP lawyers and analysts at EBRAND handles take-down requests on infringements to ensure swift enforcement. • Reporting - Our portal supplies dashboards to track success. Additionally, the service team can provide custom reports. Our comprehensive and targeted programs secure intellectual property rights, which are the core of long-term business success, streamline distribution, protect revenues and strengthen brand presence. EBRAND has developed the revolutionary data-rich, AI-powered brand protection platform ARGOS, which is mobile-friendly and intuitively user experience (UX) focused on covering unique workflows for different user groups and departments. With the help of advanced real-time filters and algorithms, our ARGOS platform provides the highest level of automation in the industry, supported by experts in local markets.

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