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IP Services, Inc.

Services Provided

Investigative, Online brand protection


American Samoa, Brazil, Canada, China, Germany, India, Indonesia, Mexico, United Kingdom, United States

Contact Information

Cindy Yard
Edinboro, PA 16412

Michael Fuller
Edinboro, PA 16412


Asia Pacific, North America, Latin America, European Union


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Company Description

Founded in 1997, IP Services, Inc. (IPS) provides professional services to some of the world’s leading companies. We offer full-circle Brand Protection programs that work to enforce your IPR, safeguard your customers, and protect your good name. IPS' team of experts provides high caliber solution-driven support that can be customized to meet your needs. Our job is to understand how you define success, then develop, implement, and manage programs to deliver it. Monitoring and Enforcement – Specialists analyze the data, recommend & execute actions, and link bad actors to build strong cases in support of your enforcement efforts. • Brand Monitoring • Takedowns & Search Delisting • Legal Notices & Case Development Support • Partner Audits/Vetting • Mailbox Triage • Analytics • Market Research Investigations - Licensed investigators collect the evidence you need to support legal actions and law enforcement referrals. • Worldwide Test Purchasing • Covert Communication • Diverse Undercover Resources • Secure Chain of Custody • Background Research • Supply Chain Investigation • Legal Support Forensics – Analysts review physical and digital evidence to determine if products are genuine, counterfeit, or otherwise infringing . • Forensic Analysis/Product Verification • Law Enforcement Coordination & Training • Customs Support • Expert Testimony • On-site Support • Trend Data • Device Analysis/Malware Testing

Additional Information

Additional IPS Practice Areas Fraud Prevention - We’ll help you determine what kind of fraud threats you're facing and how to mitigate them, then use the knowledge gained to build or restructure your fraud solution. Privacy and Compliance - Responding to legal requests like subpoenas, court orders and search warrants is our forte. Tell us your objectives and we'll customize a solution that meets your needs. Program Management – We develop strategic programs, add design, and deliver the outcomes that align with your objectives.

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