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Established in 2009, Sinofaith IP Group headquarters are located in Shanghai, with branches in Beijing, Guangzhou and other cities. The company now has over 400 employees and is dedicated to protecting and maintaining rights of IP services. By taking as a guiding principle the "strengthening of IP protection and the promotion of IP utilization", Sinofaith has developed into one of the largest domestic IP protection service providers.
By implementing the business models of "consultation and execution" and "technique and service" into the IP service industry, Sinofaith provides "one-stop" IP protection management services for three main types of IP (i.e., trademark right, patent right and copyright). It also provides IP protection and IP rights safeguarding services as well as other services relevant to IP protection for different types of customers. Sinofaith has provided "one-stop" IP protection solutions for a total of more than 200 domestic and foreign well-known brands, which fully protect IP rights of customers and increase their intangible asset values.
Sinofaith has independently developed an "online brand monitoring and rights safeguarding service platform (IPRSEE)" and an "IP protection service platform for the cultural industry (IPRTXT)" based on the SaaS model. It also provides integrated IP protection solutions for customers through the combination of service systems, i.e. the "online technical solution" and the "offline professional service team". Grasping the opportunity that Sinofaith is recognized by the State Intellectual Property Office as a "patent operation pilot company" to provide strategic cooperation of IP commission management for "China innovation & entrepreneurship competition" hosted by the Ministry of Science and Technology, Sinofaith will develop and operate an "IP commission management platform (EASY-IP)". It will provide high-tech small and medium-sized enterprises that face fast development with IP commission management services and will establish the IP protection as the core business of the scientific service brands.
As a leader in IP protection that was the first to finish joint-stock system reforms and to establish a modern enterprise system in China, Sinofaith has been highly recognized by enterprises, governments and capital market in terms of its special enterprise value, business model and development potential in the context of China's active promotion of industrial transformation, as well as its strong support for the rapid development of high-tech services. Sinofaith received two rounds of investment from famous investment firms, totaling 10 million dollars. In addition, Sinofaith made the "Zero2IPO Venture Top 50" list as rated by the Zero2IPO Group in 2013.
Sinofaith initiated its IPO application in 2014. Considering the "protection of new strengths" as its mission, and the "justice, profession and innovation" as its core values and by leveraging the capital platform, Sinofaith is on an express path to build an international and influential IP service brand through cooperation with professional investment institutions and its strategic partners.
Sinofaith has independently developed the IPRSEE, an Internet IP protection and rights safeguarding platform based on the SaaS model. By virtue of its Internet technical capabilities, big data mining capacity, and its professional service team, Sinofaith provides customers with an integrated service platform, forging a new direction in IP protection services. The Administrative Law Enforcement & Criminal Justice Information Sharing Platform developed and operated by Shanghai MXshare Technology Co., Ltd., a constituent company of Sinofaith, has been widely praised by the State Council and the related leaders of the National People's Congress. Because it is an innovative method of I

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