IACC Members Meet with Facebook!

IACC Organizes Brand Engagement Meeting with Facebook
February 27 - New York City

Last week, the IACC and Facebook hosted a one-day event about IP protection on Facebook and Instagram. More than 40 attendees from 30 brands, along with senior IACC and Facebook staff, participated.

During the event, participants engaged in an in-depth dialogue about the platforms’ enforcement polices and procedures. Brands were able to raise priority issues and learn about Facebook’s ongoing efforts to fight counterfeiting and piracy. At the end of the day, the brands took away new contacts and learnings to support their enforcement efforts on the platforms. Facebook benefited from the direct feedback, ideas, and questions put to them by the participant group. The IACC looks forward to working with both Facebook and its members to continue to drive improvements and engagement in the social media space.

The IACC has a long history and expertise in bringing together committed stakeholders as an integral part of the solution in the fight against fakes. As always, we look to expand our community beyond our existing payment provider and e-commerce platform partners. We look forward to exploring new ways to work with Facebook, who has been a frequent speaker and roundtable host at IACC Annual Conferences over the last several years.

We thank our members for participating in the event as well as the Facebook team, who have been gracious hosts: Mark Fiore, Director & Associate General Counsel (IP), Sabrina Perelman, Associate General Counsel (IP), and Michelle Moon, Team Lead of IP Operations.

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