IACC Welcomes Presidential Executive Order to Enhance Intellectual Property Enforcement

Administration Action Underscores Importance of Creative Approaches, Information Sharing

Washington, DC April 3, 2017 - Friday afternoon, the White House announced President Trump’s signature of an Executive Order on “Establishing Enhanced Collection and Enforcement of Antidumping and Countervailing Duties and Violations of Trade and Customs Laws.” The move was welcomed by the International AntiCounterfeiting Coalition (“IACC”) for its inclusion of provisions to develop and implement strategies to address the influx of illegal counterfeit goods being imported into the country. In recent years, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (“CBP”) has been forced to contend with a dramatic surge in counterfeit shipments arriving via international mail and express consignments, straining Customs’ trade enforcement resources. In Fiscal Year 2016 alone, CBP seized over 28,000 shipments via mail or express consignments, valued at over $714 million; an additional $650 million was seized via large-scale cargo shipment and other means.

The Executive Order issued on Friday directs the Department of Homeland Security and CBP to implement new strategies that will effectively and efficiently keep counterfeit goods from entering the U.S. market. Further, the Order emphasizes the vital role of public-private partnership in the identification and interdiction of counterfeit goods.

In response to the Administration’s announcement, IACC President Robert Barchiesi stated, “Cooperation between America’s manufacturers and innovators and our colleagues at U.S. Customs and Border Protection has long been a cornerstone of intellectual property enforcement at the borders, and today’s action by the Administration serves to strengthen that partnership. While the illegal importation of counterfeit goods continues to pose a threat to both consumers and legitimate businesses, we welcome the opportunity to work more closely with CBP, and with other responsible partners to keep those illicit, and often dangerous, goods out of the marketplace.”

About IACC
The IACC ( www.iacc.org ) is a Washington, DC-based not for profit organization representing the interests of companies concerned with trademark counterfeiting and the related theft of intellectual property. The members of the IACC include many of the world’s best-known brands across all product sectors. The IACC has played a leading role in the development of cross-industry voluntary agreements, to address the illicit trafficking of counterfeit and pirated goods online, including its IACC MarketSafe and RogueBlock initiatives.

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